By Cost

By Cost

How much does a franchise cost?  What’s the total investment in a franchise? What are all the costs in investing in a franchise?  These are all great questions, and ones you should consider, when looking to invest in a franchise.  Your budget will always be one of the most important considerations for any business in which you’re interested.

Franchises are required to disclose to you, the interested buyer, the exact costs to invest into their franchise through their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).  Typically, the franchise will give you an investment range, and then itemize the costs to show how they arrived at that range.  Many different items will make up the total franchise investment:

  • The Franchisee Fee: This cost can range from very inexpensive to tens of thousands of dollars. It’s a one-time fee.
  • Franchise Royalties: Generally, franchise royalties are a percentage of your gross sales and they may range from 4-8% of your gross sales (this will vary by franchise). Some franchises may have a flat fee rate. Royalties are paid to the franchisor for the ongoing support, training and infrastructure the franchise provides you.
  • Marketing Costs: One of the values of a franchise is that it provides you marketing support on a local, regional and national level (if applicable). The franchise is able to create marketing buying power and institute marketing programs that will help your business grow.
  • Equipment Costs, Insurance Costs: Some franchises require specialized equipment or specific insurance in order to operate their franchise. These costs will vary by franchise and must be disclosed in their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).
  • Real Estate: This is typically the item that causes the range in a franchise investment. Simply, if the franchise you are interested in requires real estate, that price may vary dramatically by market. makes it easy for you to consider the right franchise by aligning the franchises by investment.


To our franchisees, it's an amazing business model packed with tons of support, incredible marketing prowess (90% of which is handled by corporate HQ), and opportunities to be as hands on or hands off as they'd like. read more


As an Office Evolution franchisee, you will be part of a nationwide team of people dedicated to running a stable business. You will have the support of our team, and just as importantly, you will have the support of other franchisees all over the U.S. who can offer their own perspective, advice, and support as you grow your business. Of all the franchise business opportunities out there, Office Evolution is committed to your success. read more


Anago knows you want a future that’s filled with success and stability. Our Executive Master Franchise doesn’t require you to work long hours at a physical location tied to your industry, like other franchises. read more


OUR EQUIPMENT SETS US APART As a result of 2 years of research, we have found the best equipment on the market! read more


Enviro-Master is the world's leader in Hygiene Services. We are dedicated to providing restroom cleaning services and products for public restrooms everywhere. By creating cleaner and healthier facilities, we prevent the spread of diseases, bacteria and odors. read more


The average age of passenger vehicles and light trucks on the road today has increased substantially to 11.6 years. Consumers are keeping their vehicles longer, thus the need for preventive maintenance and automotive repair is on the rise. Mr. Transmission/Milex Complete Auto Care is uniquely positioned to deliver a “one-stop-shop” building long-term customer relationships and increasing revenue streams for franchisees. read more


All Maid Right locations are independently owned and operated making our owners responsive to their client’s needs. Maid Right owner/operators are all directly involved with the clients they serve and are invested in their client’s satisfaction with each cleaning visit. Maid Right owners are held to Maid Right Signature Clean®standards that ensure a comprehensive and deep clean with each visit. read more

Rush Bowls

We thrive off of creating delicious, wholesome, all-natural food that makes you forget you’re eating something good for you. read more


"Batteries Plus Bulbs offers multiple revenue streams, outstanding support and we’re in an industry selling products consumers need, not want. We cannot live without batteries and light bulbs. There’s no better business to be in right now." read more


Club Pilates is breaking down the traditional barriers to Pilates by offering franchise opportunities to make the method accessible to more people, both financially and geographically. We passionately believe that Pilates is the finest strength-training workout available to anyone, at any age, and for any fitness level read more

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