Why Choose Office Evolution?

Why Choose Office Evolution Out of All Franchise Business Opportunities?

To improve your odds of high ROI and make managing a co-working space simpler.

Real estate investors who are considering opening a co-working space may wonder: Why should I look at franchise business opportunities? Why not start my own co-working space and avoid paying royalties?

We hear you — and so we watch the bottom line carefully and work hard to maximize ROI for all parties. Franchise business opportunities only make sense if the system is giving great value in exchange for the royalties paid.

Here’s a look at how Office Evolution provides tools and support that boost the success for everyone.

A proven business model

Office Evolution was founded in Denver in 2003 and didn’t register to become a franchise organization until 2012. During those nine years, Office Evolution opened shared office spaces throughout the Denver area and refined our business model. While some providers focus on executive suites, pure co-working spaces, or complete virtual office solutions, we offer a blend of services. This range allows members the flexibility they need as they start and grow their businesses. Our blended approach also helps us build a strong and stable member base in office centers, while maximizing profit for your space.

We know the needs of the customer

We have a great track record of meeting customers’ needs with our business model. Our business model offers ultimate flexibility to members. Whether they need simple mail services or multiple private offices, we have options for all clients. Most importantly, all of these services simplify running a business.

We also know what typical customers are willing to pay for these services. We provide our pricing model and recommendations to franchisees. While franchisees set their own prices for services, they’ll know the history of what works, without having to do any of the research.

Streamlined tools for running the business

Office Evolution has developed an Enterprise Resource Management Platform that is the tech backbone of the entire company. It is one system that allows franchisees and Business Center Managers to handle memberships, billing, accounting, and lead nurturing, as well as managing reservations of shared office spaces like conference rooms and day offices (each Office Evolution location has at least one “day office” set aside for use by virtual members). We have also built and staff a call center that provides telephone answering services to Office Evolution members nationwide.

We invested heavily into these systems to make it simpler and more efficient to run our corporate-owned business centers, and to be robust solutions that would help us scale our operations. Franchisees benefit immediately from infrastructure we’ve spent more than a decade building.

Marketing support

Office Evolution provides extensive marketing support to franchisees. We have a team already in place that is spreading the word about the next Office Evolution locations.

Digital marketing support includes a local webpage, search optimization, search engine marketing management (PPC/SEM), email campaigns, and other lead generation activities designed to help potential members discover you online. We make sure you have a web presence before your doors are even open. This paves the way for your first steps, as well as brings possible members to you when you really need them.

Traditional marketing support includes dozens of strategies for feet-on-the-ground marketing, including strategies for networking, event hosting, building strategic partnerships, and sending out collateral (which can be quickly customized and ordered through our online portal).

Guidance finding and building a location

Our real estate team helps franchisees evaluate locations to see if they are suitable for an Office Evolution business center. We work with franchises to agree on favorable terms with landlords. We then work with franchisees to develop a remodel plan, to vet contractors, and to guide the construction process for the center. Before CEO Mark Hemmeter started Office Evolution, he spent his career developing luxury hotels and casinos. Our experience in commercial real estate construction helps us spot many issues a less experienced developer might miss. Choosing the right location, scoring a favorable lease, and managing the construction process are all big factors that can have a long-term impact on the potential ROI of your business.

Training for your employees

Office Evolution’s business model is meant to be simple for franchisees. They only need one employee per office — the Business Center Manager — who runs day-to-day operations, with franchisees typically spending just a few hours a week on the business. Of course, that means it’s critical to have a great Business Center Manager. Luckily, Office Evolution has tremendous success hiring and developing Business Center Managers for our corporate locations. We share the criteria and interview process with all franchisees to make their process smoother. This support doesn’t end after hiring a Business Center Manager, either! We also provide training and meetings that connect Managers all over the country as continued aid.

Call Center

The Office Evolution call center enables Franchise Owners to offer an array of virtual services to customers. The best part is that this is at no extra requirement for space! Our virtual services include a virtual receptionist, schedule management, and personal assistant services. These services allow Franchise Owners to go beyond selling office rentals and extend their array of products to virtual services. Members gain these benefits while not costing franchisees space.

A team of fellow franchisees to share best practices

Franchise business opportunities allow you to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. As an Office Evolution franchisee, you will be part of a nationwide team of people dedicated to running a stable business. You will have the support of our team, and just as importantly, you will have the support of other franchisees all over the U.S. who can offer their own perspective, advice, and support as you grow your business. Of all the franchise business opportunities out there, Office Evolution is committed to your success.