Enviro-Master is the world’s leader in Hygiene Services. We are dedicated to providing restroom cleaning services and products for public restrooms everywhere. By creating cleaner and healthier facilities, we prevent the spread of diseases, bacteria and odors.


Our vision is to make a difference in the health and well-being of our customers, their employees, and guest, by being the world’s best hygiene company.


We will provide the best support possible to our franchise partners thereby allowing them to achieve their dreams and business goals.



Enviro-Master was founded in 2009 by Pat Swisher, based on his twenty-five plus years of experience in the hygiene business with Swisher International. In 2012, Enviro-Master began franchising, and by 2013 was awarded as one of Entrepreneur’s top 500 Franchises. Since 2013, Enviro-Master experienced continued rapid growth being named again Entrepreneur’s top 500 Franchises in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

In 2017, Entrepreneur Magazine named Enviro-Master as one of the Best of the Best, being ranked #76 in the world.  The awards did not end there, in 2015 and 2016, Inc. Magazine awarded Enviro-Master as one of the 5000 fastest growing private companies in their annual Inc. 5000.

In 2016 Enviro-Master purchased the Swisher hygiene business from Ecolab, making Enviro-Master truly the world leader in the commercial hygiene business.

Thousands of customers were not the only thing Enviro-Master received from the Swisher acquisition, in fact, Enviro-Master now has over 200 years’ experience in the hygiene industry on staff, dedicated to supporting their franchise community.

Franchise Business Fundamentals

The Enviro-Master system is founded on time proven fundamentals, which are as relevant today as when our founder started his first hygiene business in 1983.

  1. A unique recession resistant business

  2. Limited capital requirements

  3. Limited competition

  4. Excellent profit margins

  5. A scalable business model which allows for unlimited growth

  6. Residual income business model

  7. Never outdated by technology

Operating an Enviro-Master Franchise

Our franchise partners have very diverse professional backgrounds, which include former bankers, IT professionals, business owners, and managers of all types. (Please see franchisee testimonials for a sampling of our franchise partners.) Although it is not a requirement, many of our franchise partners have an MBA.

Because Enviro-Master awards exclusive franchise territories, making sure our franchise partners are the right fit, is critical.  During the due-diligence process we ask all candidates to take a personality test to insure they have the right personality to succeed in our industry. Additionally, Enviro-Master couples the personality test along with interviews with our top management team during our Discovery Day, again, assuring you are the right candidate for our opportunity.

The franchise candidates should be a driver (a go-getter), and leader who desires to build and manage a rapidly growing, scalable multi-million-dollar operation, consisting of office staff, technicians, and sales personnel.

Our franchise partners not only enjoy building a large service operation, but a balanced lifestyle as well. Some of the benefits of our business model that our franchise partners enjoy are no overnight travel, no crowed airports, and packed flights are a thing of the past! Additionally, Enviro-Master operates during normal business hours, Monday thru Friday, so attending those important family events, such as sports or school functions, are not a problem.

Again, because of our strong fundamentals, you won’t lay in bed at night staring at the ceiling worrying about things you cannot control, such as the economy, competition, or market share.

Enviro-Master is one of the truly unique proven opportunities left in today’s market, where our franchise partners still have an opportunity to build a large business for themselves and their family, enjoying strong cash flow, and the ability to build wealth for you and possibly family generations that follow.