Our Mission is to create a unique business opportunity for our Franchise-Partners that helps allow them to achieve their lifestyle and financial goals through hard work, commitment and passion.

Simple Business Model

WORKOUT ANYTIME is a “value priced” 24 hour health club. The WORKOUT ANYTIME system operates with low-overhead and delivers high customer satisfaction. Our clubs fit into a range of retail spaces, can be run by a small staff, and offer the best workout per square foot in the industry. Unprofitable amenities like the pool, spa, courts, aerobics classes, and childcare have been eliminated in favor of a $15 no-commitment price that keeps members onboard month after month after month. Stared in 1999 and now over 200 signed Franchise Sold, and 100+ units open in 17 States.

The simplicity of the WORKOUT ANYTIME model eliminates objections to membership sales, by offering $15 dollar month to month memberships. The $15 dollar price is so low, members do not quit even if they rarely use the club. And, the ability to quit anytime greatly increases membership sales. We offer the best workout per square foot in the fitness industry. We also offer $25 dollar Premium Membership with the options of HydroMassage, tanning and the ability to bring a guest during our staffed hours. The typical WORKOUT ANYTIME is 6000 square feet, and includes cardio, circuit training, and free weights. We also have locker rooms with showers. Most facilities also offer personal training to members as a separate service.

Growing Category

Why WORKOUT ANYTIME and the Fitness Industry? As of 2016 there are over 32,000 fitness clubs. Those clubs are serving over 52.9 million members. And those clubs are generating revenues of $22.4 billion. WORKOUT ANYTIME leads the fastest growing segment in fitness…the “value priced” segment. Currently, over 70% of the US population does not belong to a club. And the #1 reason was membership is too expensive. That’s our opportunity.

Over 63% of owners have multiple WORKOUT ANYTIME Clubs

WORKOUT ANYTIME is proud that the majority of our Franchise Owners own multiple facilities. Because of our unique and very profitable model, most of our owners do not manage their clubs. These owners have diversified their portfolios to include a WORKOUT ANYTIME Franchise. They are typically Professionals, or Entrepreneurs involved with many business. Some are using their WORKOUT ANYTIME Franchise for retirement income.

Very Profitable

We at WORKOUT ANYTIME put our money where our mouth is. In fact, all senior members of our executive team own a franchise. But, we are restricted by the Federal Trade Commission to talk about any locations we do not own. So, please review our earning claim (item 19) within the Franchise Disclosure Document to determine cash flow, and profitability here.

Our Process

  • Complete Online Form
  • Intro Call with Team Members
  • Complete Application Forms
  • Meet the Team
  • Sign Agreement