An Award-Winning Window Cleaning Franchise

Window cleaning, window tinting and pressure washing drive sales and create opportunity for franchisee growth

You are probably wondering, “Do people really pay to have their windows cleaned?” That is the same question our founder and CEO, Richard Nonelle (Rik), asked as he was conceptualizing Window Genie in Cincinnati, Ohio, more than 20 years ago. The answer was, and remains, a resounding yes.

Twenty years ago, Window Genie started as a small window cleaning business serving a few neighborhoods in Cincinnati. Today Window Genie is a nationally ranked franchise and leader in home services — operating in more than 30 states and 120 markets.

In 1994, at the age of 29, Rik was tired of working for other people. He decided to start his own business, and he looked for something that was low-tech, with low start-up costs and limited competition. At the time, the Cincinnati yellow pages listed 45 companies that offered window cleaning. Most of them were small, mom-and-pop operations.

Rik realized, “Any business that has 45 competitors must have a substantial demand for service.” He learned over time that demand was strong, not only for window cleaning but also for related services like pressure washing and window film. He found that customers who purchase window cleaning purchase it often, and that by building a loyal customer base he was creating a great residual-income business. Satisfied customers stay with Window Genie by signing up for discounted cleanings on an annual basis. The more repeat customers you have, the higher your margins are because you don’t have to spend advertising dollars to keep existing customers, you just have to treat them well.

What he then realized was that people who have their windows cleaned also pay for a cluster of related services: pressure washing decks, sidewalks and driveways; exterior house washing; gutter cleaning; and all sorts of glass replacement. In addition, the residential window-tinting industry is growing by leaps and bounds as manufacturers develop specialized tinting that dramatically lowers energy bills and increases home safety. Window tinting is evolving into the most profitable service line offered by Window Genie franchisees.

Window Genie has carefully grown the company into a national franchise system that is a front-runner in the window cleaning, window tinting and pressure washing industry.

Our three core services — window washing, window tinting and pressure washing — are great for customers, who often don’t have anyone trustworthy to rely on for these much-needed home maintenance chores. And they’re great for franchisees, providing them with multiple revenue streams that make it easy to grow their business and keep it going year round.

Window cleaning is an often-overlooked niche in the $40-billion-a-year cleaning industry. Cleaning is one of the highest-rated segments in the franchise industry, and cleaning-related franchises are highly sought after because they are low-investment, have high customer demand, do well in all types of economic conditions and have a solid track record of success.

Window cleaning, window tinting and pressure washing offer a significant advantage over other types of cleaning businesses, since they require fewer employees. Window cleaning doesn’t require special skills or experience — anyone with great people skills, a strong work ethic and a desire to succeed has the opportunity to build a successful and profitable business with a Window Genie franchise.

We are growing, adding locations nationwide. As the country climbs out of the recession, more customers are increasing the amount of money they spend on home-related cleaning services, particularly window cleaning and pressure washing.

Mobile, home-based franchise offers low entry point for investors

There are thousands of options when it comes to opening a franchise. Some require high investment, some require large numbers of employees and some are complex to operate.

Not Window Genie. Ours is a mobile, home-based business with a low cost of entry. Our simple and robust business model appeals to everyone from experienced business owners to people who’ve always had a dream to open their own business.

Our franchisees start out with training, equipment, a marketing plan and one of our trademark Geniemobiles. We typically suggest that you finance your vehicle at a cost of $450 a month, which helps keep your cash flow going in those early, crucial months.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Window Genie franchisees know ‘the sky is really the limit’

Steve Sarafin was managing someone else’s lawn care business when he first heard about Window Genie in the 1990s. He had been researching pressure washing companies for his boss, who wanted to diversify, when he stumbled across Window Genie. The investment was so low and the opportunity so limitless, Steve went into business with his boss. The partnership didn’t last, but Steve’s still going strong 15 years later.

“I still continue to grow every year. I started initially by hiring somebody right from the get-go, so there were just two of us. We were running one guy to a truck,” says Steve. “Now, it’s two men per vehicle. Right now I have seven vehicles. The sky is really the limit, depending on the area you’re in and how aggressive you want to get.”

Window Genie has soared up “Entrepreneur’s” prestigious Top 500 Franchises list in the past few years. After breaking onto the list at No. 499 in 2011, we rocketed up to No. 195 in 2014, putting us among the top 200 brands in the rankings.