Why The Lash Lounge?

The Lash Lounge has pioneered a new and unique salon concept that specializes in providing low-maintenance beauty through the application of our lash services. Due to our over-whelming popularity, we have bottled our secret for success and turned our concept into the First Eyelash Extension Salon Franchise in the U.S.

As the first of our kind and pioneer of a new niche in the $61 billion dollar beauty industry, The Lash Lounge has gained public trust as the place to go for eyelash extensions and a beauty salon customer experience like no other.

Our Numbers Are Beautiful

See how our Franchise Owners are taking their piece of the $61 Billion Beauty Industry.

$61 B

The salon industries generate
$61 Billion annually

$200 – $400

Average initial investment
for new clients

$30 – $75

Regular maintenance appointment average ticket cost
(weekly or bi-weekly)

$50 – $75

Average Ticket Cost

Huge Growth Opportunities. 
A salon that specializes in eyelash extension is still a relatively untapped market. Many areas lack an upscale salon or a place with private treatment rooms.

Expanded Demand. The service is meeting an expanding target audience as more women are looking for low­ maintenance beauty alternatives and salons specializing solely in this service.

Repeat Business. The eyelash extension application requires regular refill appointments that average every two weeks in order to maintain a full look, thereby building your clientele quickly while having repeat customers.

Small Menu of Services. We specialize primarily in eyelash extensions and remain true to our niche identity. 85% of our revenue is generated from eyelash services. The model is relatively low volume, highly profitable, and a low inventory requirement.

Medical­ Grade. The adhesives we use for eyelash extensions contain the same ingredients used by doctors to bond small wounds. We pride ourselves on our reputation for being the best and the safest in our industry!


Competitive Advantage

The fact that The Lash Lounge combines a salon, boutique and makeup counter under the one roof allows our clients to take care of their everyday beauty needs in one stop. They can shop the retail boutique before or after an appointment, relax in a private treatment room while their services are performed, test and purchase products all in one visit.
Our goal is to provide clients with an escape from day-­to­-day life upon each visit. Consumers today are looking for a unique experience with a strong emphasis on customer service – which perfectly aligns with our concept.
We’re happy to say that The Lash Lounge is not like any other salon you’ve been to. It’s the ultimate indulgence of beauty, fashion and women empowerment. Each salon has its’ own personality within this culture. The environment is upbeat, yet relaxing and exudes an upscale environment with a warm staff. Technicians feel more like friends/therapists and everyone knows you by your first name.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Eyelash & Eyebrow Services

Exclusive Cosmetics Line

Permanent Makeup