What Is a TeamLogic IT Franchise?
The highest-rated technology franchise by Franchise Business Review

TeamLogic IT has become the premier managed IT services franchise by capitalizing on three very important trends, 1) while small and medium-sized business owners cannot afford to spend the time to research the constant advances in technology, they also cannot afford to fall behind on the advances in technology that will keep their businesses running efficiently, 2) the IT industry is evolving beyond the break-and-fix model into a consultative, 24/7 model that ensures small and medium-sized business owners have the solutions, software and support they need to remain relevant and efficient and 3) the demand for managed IT services vastly outstrips the industry’s ability to meet the demand. The IT industry is largely composed of thousands of small-time technicians who have neither the tools nor the business model necessary to offer the level of customer service that the 21st century business owner expects.
According to Forbes, there are nearly 28 million small businesses in the United States, employing more than 50% of the adult working population, and all of them need IT services to keep their doors open for years to come. Small businesses are the engine that drives the American economy, but a Google search on “importance of IT to small businesses,” or “How do small businesses utilize IT services,” reveals hundreds of articles — all aimed at small business owners who need advice and solutions to keep their business on the leading edge and running smoothly.

“Just about any business that depends on technology needs the help and support of TeamLogic IT. There are so many things that drive technology in small businesses, who are in turn struggling to find the right solutions for their company. This is what drives the growth of our business.”

TeamLogic IT has a sweet spot in the market

Even though the U.S. IT services industry generates $340 billion a year, according to First Research, the industry remains very fragmented. CompTIA reports that there are about 118,000 independent computer repair IT companies in the United States, the vast majority of which are independent IT providers who serve companies that employ between one and 10 people. There is a handful of brands that serve large companies — those employing 500 or more. And then there is a wide-open space in between. TeamLogic IT franchise owners are best-suited to serve those clients — those who employ 10-100 people on average.
TeamLogic IT was created to become the go-to IT team for small and medium-sized businesses. We offer fast responses to IT challenges; but more importantly, we act as an IT advisor to our customers, monitoring their vital IT systems to prevent problems and eliminate downtime. We also analyze their businesses to recommend specific technology solutions that can help them grow. We’re not just the people that business owners call when something breaks; we are business partners who provide guidance and access to new technologies that can help make our clients more efficient, more profitable and more secure.




“Our sweet spot, and where we do well, is in working with the companies that have outgrown their local IT service provider but are still too small to work with an enterprise IT company,” says Chuck. “In reality, every small business in the U.S. needs us to some degree. Business owners have never been more sensitive to their dependence on IT; IT drives productivity and, ultimately, profitability. We tend to talk very little about technology with our clients and a lot about business. What happens when their technology fails? How much will business be affected? We help our clients leverage technology to run their businesses better and more profitably – this is a services business, and customer service is king.”

This consultative approach makes TeamLogic IT the premier managed IT services franchise. Managed IT services is a rapidly growing segment of the overall IT industry, but it suffers from the same fragmentation as the industry as whole. Managed IT services makes up about 41% of TeamLogic IT’s overall revenue, and this number is expected to rise to 50% in the next three years. Yet, CompTIA reports that there are only 12,000 managed IT services providers in the whole of the U.S. TeamLogic IT is far out in front of the industry, making us the best choice when the owner of a small or medium-sized business needs to hire an IT team.

A proven commitment of support makes TeamLogic IT a best-bet investment

TeamLogic IT Franchise for SaleWith more than 90 franchises in 35 states, TeamLogic IT has been consistently recognized by Franchise Business Review as the No. 1 technology franchise. Our proven business model is founded upon selecting the right entrepreneurs to franchise with our brand. While we don’t require our franchise owners to have IT experience, we do require a passion for technology and a desire to run your business in the role of a CEO.

New franchisees are supported from the moment they sign the franchise agreement, starting with TeamLogic IT University, a weeklong, intensive training session on virtually every aspect of your new business that is held at corporate headquarters in Southern California.

“We are very hands-on with new franchisees,” says Patrick Spaan, Director of Franchise Development with TeamLogic IT. “We require all TeamLogic IT owners to make a business plan annually. We teach our franchisees to learn how to manage their businesses by looking at their financial statements, rather than using their checkbooks as a metric of how their business is doing. We do one-on-one coaching sessions, we also host group sessions and members of our executive team routinely make trips into the field to assess our franchisees in their businesses. From a franchisee perspective, the expertise of our operational staff, training staff, product technology staff, sales staff and our marketing staff is only a phone call away. We’re accessible, but more importantly, we’re accountable.”

TeamLogic IT has leveraged its national franchise network to provide unique advantages to franchisees. One example: a 24/7 call center that end-users can use to get help. Another is our branded managed IT solution, SystemWatch IT, which provides continuous monitoring of clients’ computers and networks and automatically installs critical patches. These solutions allow TeamLogic IT franchisees to offer amazing value to customers without having to be constantly on call.

Bring TeamLogic IT to your community

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