Have you been looking for an outdoor-based franchise?

Have you been looking for information on outdoor franchise opportunities because you are ready to be your own boss and want to tap into the growing outdoor living industry? Or, maybe you are looking for a Green and Cleannew opportunity to grow an existing business. Whatever your reason, Renew Crew may be the right franchise for you. Renew Crew is a unique home-based franchise opportunity that specializes in the cleaning, sealing and protecting of all outdoor surfaces. Our franchisees offer world-class customer service while delivering a cleaner clean, a greener clean and a longer lasting clean – without risking damage to outdoor surfaces. Our unique, 3-step process and proprietary eco-friendly products have been developed over the past ten+ years and successfully used at thousands and thousands of American homes and businesses.

The success of our business model is made evident by our tremendous growth and numerous franchise industry awards.

Renew Crew started out as Wood ReNew back in March of 1993, when founder, Stan Krempges, was a partner in a fence installation business. He noticed his clients desire to keep their fences, decks and other outdoor structures clean and protected. After extensive research, Stan developed an environmentally safe cleaner specifically for exterior wood. This cleaner is a thick foam that clings to vertical surfaces better, allowing it to soak into the wood to emulsify and remove embedded dirt, mold and mildew.

See what our franchisees have to say about Renew Crew!

See what our franchisees have to say about Renew Crew!

Spurred on by that success, Stan continued to work with leading coatings chemists to develop an equally eco-friendly protectant that would permeate the wood for a deep seal against damaging moisture, dirt buildup and UV rays.

In 2012, Wood ReNew was acquired by Outdoor Living Brands to serve as its fourth outdoor living lifestyle franchise and was rebranded Renew Crew. The name change conincided with the significant expansion of the service offering beyond wood surfaces to include the cleaning and sealing concrete, patios, walkways, driveways, siding of all kinds, windows, gutters and more.

Renew Crew combines two thriving industries: outdoor living and eco-friendly products.

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