Pinch A Penny Pool Patio Spa

America’s Largest Franchised Retail Pool Supply and Service Company

Pinch A Penny’s direction is quite simple. We strive to be unrivaled in providing value, quality, and service to our customers. That’s why we’re now over 230 stores strong and growing. It’s also because our swimming pool expertise is something you can count on to keep your pool and spa its healthiest and your family its happiest.

In fact, Pinch A Penny stores are all staffed with fully-trained experts. We have more Certified Pool Operators than any other company and our continuing education programs are unparalleled. Why trust your swimming pool or spa to anyone else? Only Pinch A Penny gives you the answers, tools, and products you need to make your pool care routine go swimmingly.

Since opening its first store in 1975, Pinch A Penny has become the largest franchised retail pool, patio and spa company. A family-owned business, Pinch A Penny began with the Thomas family opening a discount store within an industrial park in Clearwater, Florida. This first store evolved into a full-time, full-service retail pool supply store offering everything needed to operate and enjoy a swimming pool or spa. Pinch A Penny carries a wide variety of products such as chemicals, equipment, patio furniture, giftware, toys and floats.

Pinch A Penny began issuing franchises in 1976, always promoting its “family-owned” culture. Today, Pinch A Penny is over 230 stores strong and growing and provides virtually every product needed to help you enjoy a pool or spa to its fullest.

Steps to Owning A Pinch A Pinch A Penny Franchi

Franchise Step 1


Please complete our Preliminary Interest Questionnaire or contact our Development Manager at (888) 557-3669. Once the questionnaire is completed, you will receive an email with a link to our Step Guide which is a step by step guide to our franchise development process. This is a helpful tool that describes the steps you will take from initial inquiry to opening your Pinch A Penny franchise. You will also be contacted by a member of the Franchise Development Team to discuss opportunities in your area. Following that conversation, you will have an opportunity to visit stores and your market(s) of interest.

Franchise Step 2


Following your market and store visits, you will complete a follow up call with the Development Manager to discuss any further questions you may have about the opportunity and/or market of interest. Upon completion of this call you will receive an email with a secure, online link to our franchise application.

Franchise Step 3


After the follow up call and upon receipt of your completed franchise application, you will have a local meeting with the Development Manager where you will receive a copy of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). The FDD includes a copy of a franchise agreement, financial statements and a list of franchise owners as well as an Item 19 —Financial Performance Representations. The Item 19 provides average store sales and gross profit for our system over the last three years. During the disclosure meeting you will also be provided with a business plan package, and you will review pool density maps of your desired market.

Franchise Step 4


After the Disclosure Meeting you will complete a business plan. The business plan is a tool to assist with your due diligence prior to attending a Discovery Day at our corporate offices in Clearwater, FL. During Discovery Day you will meet with our Executive Team as well as tour our facilities and warehouse. Discovery Day dates are prescheduled throughout the year.

Franchise Step 5


After Discovery Day you will work with our Real Estate Manager to find a location and negotiate a lease. While working with the Real Estate manager you will also work with our Logistics Manager on store design, layout, permitting and other items that will be necessary to get your store ready to open. Prior to store opening you will attend our comprehensive 4 week training class that is held here in Clearwater, FL at our corporate facilities.

Franchise Step 6


Congratulations! You are ready to open your store. Our team will assist you prior to opening with installation of fixtures, and merchandising of your store as well as computer set up and training. Simultaneously, our Advertising Department will work with you to schedule your Now Open and Grand Opening marketing campaigns.

Pinch A Penny is based upon a unique and proven concept – provide an extensive line of pool and spa care products and the expertise to use them wisely. We don’t just ring up purchases. Instead, we’re a source of advice many pool owners quickly come to rely on.