Join Mosquito Joe and make outside fun again.

There’s never been a better time to invest in a Mosquito Joe franchise than right now, especially with the recent buzz about the Zika virus in the news. The need for mosquito control is top of mind these days across the country with national media coverage regularly reminding people of the threat of insect-borne illness.

The mosquito problem that plagues homeowners and businesses alike has met its match – Mosquito Joe makes outside fun again.


  • Booming industry: The mosquito control industry is an emerging, high growth market experiencing widespread acceptance as a service homeowners and businesses value and desire. More and more families are choosing mosquito control companies like Mosquito Joe to make their yards bite-free during the summer months.
  • Extensive training and support: No experience is necessary with the ongoing training and support you’ll receive from our team of experts across operations, marketing, finance and customer service.
  • Low investment: Our low franchise fee and fast start up add up to a great low investment opportunity with limited staff needed and no retail location build-out necessary. A great deal of our franchisees successfully run their business out of their home!
  • Recurring revenue business: Your long-range profit potential is high with Mosquito Joe, as residential and commercial customers continue to want mosquito control throughout the season and year after year.
  • Feel-good business: Mosquito Joe provides a service that improves the quality of life for people in your community. Customers are overwhelmingly grateful for the chance to enjoy time together outside without the worry of being bitten or exposed to disease. Just take a look at the tons of reviews we have coming in daily to see just how happy our customers are with our service. Becoming a trusted partner in helping people enjoy their lives more is an added reward. Talk about good karma.

How to Become a Mosquito Joe Franchise Partner

STEP 1 Review the Mosquito Joe Franchise Opportunity

First, learn about it here on the website.

Then, contact us. Complete and submit the online Franchise Information Request Form.

Once we receive your request, we’ll provide you additional information about our franchise opportunity. You’ll hear from a franchise development representative to answer any questions about Mosquito Joe and how to buy a franchise.

STEP 2 We get to know each other.

You’re interested in us. We’re interested in you. Now we begin our mutual evaluation process where you’ll learn more about us and we’ll get to know more about you.

To kick off this process, you’ll be invited to join an introductory webinar hosted by our President and CEO, Kevin Wilson. This will provide insight into our vision for Mosquito Joe, where we’re headed over the coming years, and how you can (and should want to) be a part of it. If you feel we’re a potential fit, submit the “Request for Consideration” form that will be provided by your franchise development representative.

Next, you’ll be invited to attend a series of webinars, where we’ll get into details that will help you determine if this is the right opportunity for you. Take the time to really evaluate the opportunity carefully. Review all documents thoroughly and feel confident you’re making a sound investment in your future with Mosquito Joe. If you have any remaining questions at this time, your franchise development representative will be available to answer them and confirm your potential as a franchise partner candidate.

STEP 3 Apply to be considered and meet the family.

You’ve decided to pursue the Mosquito Joe business franchise opportunity. After you’ve been through the mutual evaluation process and reviewed all the information we’ve shared, it’s time to submit the franchise agreement application that will be provided by your franchise development representative. This is where our relationship gets serious – like meeting our family serious.

At this point we’ll happily welcome you to our Corporate Headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA to attend an upcoming Decision Day. Here you will see what the Mosquito Joe franchise opportunity and culture is all about. We’ll introduce you to our corporate staff, take you on a tour around our offices, talk more specifically about the business, answer any final questions, and plan your future with Mosquito Joe. Just make sure you plan extra time for the beach during your stay; it’s only a short drive away.

STEP 4 Sign on the dotted line, complete training and you’re a Joe!

With approval from the family, selections made and fees submitted, you are almost a full-fledged Joe. The process to become a Mosquito Joe Franchise Partner will wrap up with your attendance and completion of our Operations Training program at MoJo University.

Then, it’s congratulations and welcome to the family!

Meet Our Franchise Family

The Mosquito Joe franchise family is made up of over 100 franchise partners from a variety of backgrounds: pilots, teachers, veterans, tech professionals, small business owners, landscapers, moms and more. We have owner-operators, investor-operators, husband-wife teams, family businesses – you name it. What’s most important to be a Mosquito Joe franchisee is to have strong customer service skills and the desire to make a difference in your community.

Despite their range in backgrounds, our franchisees have all learned that Mosquito Joe enables you to build a successful business with recurring revenue streams serving both residential and commercial customers.

Franchisee Satisfaction


Because we know how valuable it is for anyone researching franchise opportunities to get feedback from current franchisees, we recently partnered with Franchise Business Review, a national franchise market research firm, to survey our franchisees and compile their feedback into a Franchisee Satisfaction Report.

The results of this report provide:

  • A glimpse of who our franchisees are (demographics).
  • Candid insight into how they rate their satisfaction across seven areas of the franchise system.
  • An opportunity for us, the franchisor, to pin-point areas of our franchise system where we can make improvements to increase the success for our franchisees.


Despite our fun nature, we take franchisee satisfaction very seriously so we are thrilled to demonstrate scores that exceeded industry averages from other franchise systems. We’d love to chat with you more about this report, our system, and whether or not you may be a perfect fit to join us in this exciting time of growth for our company.