Clothes Bin® is a national franchise system made up of independently owned bins that are operated by franchisees.

The Clothes Bin® mission is to help people reach their entrepreneurial dream of business ownership through a simple and part-time franchise system that promotes environmental stewardship, stimulates the economy and provides a source of clothes, shoes and textiles to those in need in the United States and throughout the world.

This affordable franchise offers a flexible work schedule, low overhead and competitive margins, making it the ideal opportunity for veterans, firemen, teachers, entrepreneurs, part-time workers and anyone looking for a hands-on business.

Clothes Bin Franchise Video

NOW is the perfect time to get in on the ground floor

Clothes Bin® is now offering franchises throughout the United States.

  • Simply put, there’s no storefront to build out, no inventory to buy and nothing gets spoiled over time.
  • Overhead is low.
  • And, the franchise can be managed part-time, on your own time. No set hours to keep or store to


The Clothes Bin® Franchise is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking for a truly flexible business model; one that can be managed on a part-time basis.

1. Bins Placed in Ideal Locations
2. Contributors Fill the Bins
3. Service Full Bins
4. Unload Contents
5. Receive Funds for Contents

cb_blip_cutawayThe Clothes Bin® is full of TECHNOLOGY

Clothes Bin® is bringing textile recycling to the 21st century with BLIP® (Bin Location Information Program). BLIP® monitors each bin and alerts the franchisee whenever a bin approaches its capacity and needs to be serviced.


CB_man_blip_pad2MAP your route :

In addition to our state-of-the-art bins pro-actively notifying you when they are approaching capacity and need to be serviced, BLIP®allows the franchisee to visualize their territory on an interactive map that includes their placed bins, as well as detailed contact information for potential bin locations.

BLIP’s® powerful technology also maps out the most efficient collection route and helps the franchisee determine which bins are performing well, and which bins may need to be moved to alternative locations.

Thanks to BLIP® and our proven processes, either an owner operator or manager can run the franchise operation with one part-time assistant. This makes managing your network of bins more efficient.


Franchisees have the option to independently sell the contents they collect in their bins, or participate in the Clothes Bin® Corporate Buy Back Program where the Company purchases their collected shoes, clothes and textiles at wholesale prices. This built-in buy back program provides franchisees with a consistent customer and purchaser of all their goods.

Want to learn more? Steps to Ownership