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Thursday, 3/23/2017

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Lee’s Hoagie House Franchise. An Authentic Philadelphia Hoagie & Cheese Steak Franchise. Don't Just Own A Franchise, Own A Philadelphia Tradition. Sombrero Mexican Food Franchise For Sale. Open An Authentic Mexican Restaurant Franchise. Own Your Own Packaging and Shipping Business With A Postal Annex Franchise. Today, Today, PostalAnnex+ is one of America's largest franchise networks of retail shipping and business centers.

Date: 9/29/2009
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Guaranteed Income, No Royalties: With Unique Franchise Model, Australia-based Rent Your Boxes Launches in U.S.

Guaranteed Income, No Royalties: Australia-based Rent Your Boxes Launches in U.S. With Unique Franchise Model

LOS ANGELES, West Coast Franchise Expo Booth #743– September 29, 2009.  Rent Your Boxes — a one-of-a-kind business with a unique franchise model that makes success a snap — is the buzz of the 2009 West Coast Franchise Expo, making its U.S. debut at this year’s show.
Based in Australia as Hire A Box, Rent Your Boxes is a simple concept that offers an easy, eco-friendly way for residential, business and industrial customers to pack and move: Customers order by phone the number of sturdy cardboard boxes needed to pack their home or office. Rent Your Boxes delivers the boxes and packing supplies to their doorstep. Within three months of delivery, Rent Your Boxes picks up the boxes, refunds the customer their deposit if the boxes are in good shape, and delivers the boxes to the next customer. There’s no more searching for packing boxes on the front end. No more wasteful discarding of boxes after the move. 
Where Rent Your Boxes exceeds other franchise opportunities is in its income guarantee for the first six months.
“We guarantee an income of $500 a week while the franchisee’s territory is being established,” said Dick Rennick, president and chief operating officer. “If a new franchisee makes $300 one week, we’ll send him a check for $200. We want our franchisees to be successful and have a great experience from the get-go.”
Another groundbreaking franchise feature: Rent Your Boxes franchisees pay absolutely no royalties.  “Instead, the franchisee and franchisor split the revenues,” Rennick said. “It’s a simple formula and allows the franchisee to keep more of what he earns.”
Rent Your Boxes founder Barry Harris owned a moving company for 35 years and watched his customers struggle with the cardboard packing box dilemma. Renting and re-using cardboard boxes seemed an obvious solution. But when he began researching his idea in 1998, he discovered that no one was renting cardboard boxes anywhere in the world. “I’d imagined I’d do the typical thing and find a successful model and improve on it,” Harris said. “When I couldn’t find anything like it, I thought something must be wrong with my idea.”
Harris created a concept and tested it for six years before launching the first and only cardboard moving box delivery and pick-up franchise in the world: and called it “Hire A Box.”
According to a 2008 Pew Research Report on American Mobility, four in 10 Americans say they are very likely or somewhat likely to move within five years.
“No question there’s money to be made in reusable boxes,” Dick Rennick said. “People have needed cardboard moving boxes — and loathed the task of finding them and dealing with them — for years. Finally, there’s a service that makes the whole process a snap — both for the customer and the business owner.”
About Rent Your Boxes
Rent Your Boxes offers a convenient, affordable, reliable and efficient service of renting cardboard moving boxes, delivering the boxes and picking up the boxes up to three months after delivery. For franchise information, visit, contact Dick Rennick at or call him at 1-888-40-BOXES.

If you would like more information about owning a moving and storage franchise, go to

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