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Saturday, 3/25/2017

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Redhouse Bagels Franchise For Sale. A Bagel Franchise The Whole Family Will Love. Redhouse Bagels Franchise, We Make & Bake Our Bagels Fresh Daily. Total Net Gross Revenue: $655,070 in 2013*. You can achieve a great work-life balance since Redhouse Bagels is open until just 2 p.m. daily!
Lee’s Hoagie House Franchise. An Authentic Philadelphia Hoagie & Cheese Steak Franchise. Don't Just Own A Franchise, Own A Philadelphia Tradition. Redhouse Bagels Franchise For Sale. A Bagel Franchise The Whole Family Will Love. Redhouse Bagels Franchise, We Make & Bake Our Bagels Fresh Daily. Total Net Gross Revenue: $655,070 in 2013*. You can achieve a great work-life balance since Redhouse Bagels is open until just 2 p.m. daily! Russo's New York Pizza Franchise For Sale. Serving Authentic New York Style Pizza and Simple Italian Dishes. New York Pizzeria has experienced steady growth since the first restaurant in 1992. We invite you to find out how we set ourselves apart from other pizza franchise concepts.

Date: 7/6/2009
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PIRTEK Hoses & Assemblies, The Hydraulic Hose Repair Business, A value proposition you can't afford to pass up.

PIRTEK Hoses & Assemblies, The Hydraulic Hose Repair Franchise, A value proposition you can't afford to pass up.
PIRTEK has come a long way since it first opened in Australia back in 1980. Today the company bills itself as the world's leader for on-site hose replacement - and PIRTEK has the stats to back up that claim. The company now operates in 12 countries and has 300 Hose Service Centers and more than 1,300 Mobile Service Units to serve its customers worldwide. Founders Peter Duncan and Wally Davie say their original vision for the company was to change the way the hose and fittings industry was being serviced. "You have to appreciate that our customers are businesses that use hydraulic hose, pneumatic hose or any other kind of hose," Duncan says. "These companies are involved in industries including construction, manufacturing, transportation, material handling, landscaping, marine and much more."

"At one time these companies were using local hose shops and in some cases making their own hose assemblies," adds Davie. "We decided to put quality hose and fittings into a van and start providing an on-site hose replacement service." It was a nearly instant success, and customers quickly came to appreciate the convenience as they no longer had to get their hoses from an off-site provider or cobble something together themselves. Value and quality became the company's dominant features and by 1985 PIRTEK had built a network of Hose Service Centers and a fleet of mobile service units across Sydney. It was then that Duncan and Davie decided to expand into franchises.

Nearly 25 years later, the expansion has proved to be an excellent business move, with PIRTEK achieving the following:

·         39 centers in U.S. and more than 170 domestic mobile service vans.
·         Six franchise owners in the U.S. with multiple centers.
·         A ranking of 337 on the 2009 Franchise 500.
·         Recognition as "Franchise of the Year" on multiple occasions by the British
          Franchise Association.
As the world's leading service provider for on-site hydraulic hose replacement, PIRTEK is a business-to-business opportunity that is a great match for franchise entrepreneurs that are looking to "work on their business and not in their business."  "Our franchise owners have come from many walks of life, including banking, sales, marketing, management and previous business ownership," says Gwyn O'Kane, a New Zealander who is vice president of Franchise Development for PIRTEK USA. "When I joined PIRTEK 20 years ago I instantly found 'my place' in a small company where I could get involved in many more aspects of the business and could have a much bigger impact on the overall success of the business."

O'Kane joined PIRTEK at its first franchise outside of Australia, in London, and views those early days as a period that expanded his skills and provided a great opportunity to play a greater role in the growth of PIRTEK.

"I joined as a mobile sales and service technician," he recalls. "What I enjoyed immensely was the fact that as a mobile sales and service technician we were not only responsible for providing service, but we were also responsible for doing the sales calls that would generate the service request. Until joining PIRTEK I had never had any experience in sales and yet I found it easy and rewarding. We had a great value proposition and it was easy to sell!"

For aspiring franchisees, PIRTEK offers an abundance of support. Few who join the team have had any prior hydraulic training. The company's "turn-key system" provides just that: the opportunity to open their doors on the first day of business with a fully equipped hose service center, three Mobile Service Units, and trained employees. Moreover, the PIRTEK USA Franchise Service Center provides owners with ongoing, award-winning technical, computer and sales support.

"If you have strong sales, business and people-management skills then PIRTEK might provide you with the right opportunity to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself," says O'Kane. "Our mission at PIRTEK USA is to enable motivated entrepreneurs to accomplish the dream of owning their own business by using a system that has proven to be successful around the world."

"Our franchisees do not want a part-time or home-based franchise, they want something much bigger," O'Kane says, adding that these entrepreneurs come to PIRTEK because of the quality of life the company offers, which includes time for family and the opportunity to build a team around them to offer a valuable service in the community. In other words, they want what O'Kane calls "a truly unique franchise opportunity and they recognize that B2B is a great environment to do business."

"People sometimes tell me that our franchise is not really 'glamorous' like many other franchise concepts," O'Kane confesses. "My answer is that a nice restaurant is glamorous to the consumer or customer. However, it may not be glamorous to the business owner. A glamorous business is one that leads to the 'lifestyle' that the business owner desires."

The cost for a "turn-key" opening is about $350,000. This includes a 2,500-3,500 square-foot leased facility outfitted with trade counter; warehouse including racking, inventory and machinery; two to three outfitted office spaces; three new outfitted vans, all employees hired and trained - and business cards in your pocket. The company recommends an additional $150,000-$200,000 in working capital. "Most owners put in $100,000 to $150,000 of their own cash and we help them raise finance for the rest," O'Kane says.

New franchisees receive three weeks of training in Florida and, depending on their position, new employees will get one to three weeks of training. PIRTEK provides several weeks of on-site support when a center is opened, in addition to ongoing support from regional Franchise Support Representatives. Other assistance includes support for products, IT, sales and marketing, a mentoring program and even Franchise Advisory Council.

"We look for people that subscribe to the franchising business format, and this is important," O'Kane says. "We also like to see business management backgrounds, sales and marketing experience, people-management skills and other management skills. Many of our owners are middle to senior corporate America and they are ready to be in control of their own business."

O'Kane knows what he's talking about, because he's been through the transition himself. He came to the U.S. in 1997 to train and support new PIRTEK franchise owners and their teams of people. He was the director of training until 2002, then took over Franchise Development. And he takes great care to ensure that his wealth of experience is available to new franchise owners. "I understand implicitly what needs to be done to build a successful PIRTEK Center," he says. "I am able to help candidates make an informed decision as to whether PIRTEK might be the right business opportunity for them and I am well qualified to identify if the candidate is going to make a great franchise owner for PIRTEK. If you're tired of working for someone else, laid off, want to spend more time at home or wanting to take control of your 401K as opposed to your 401K taking control of you, then PIRTEK may be the business opportunity you have always dreamed of.

"Today, I feel the rewards first hand of overseeing my team and operating my own business as a PIRTEK franchise owner." 
Craig Heitkamp, PIRTEK Midway & PIRTEK Plymouth,
Minneapolis, MN

"Even in the midst of a severe economic down turn in Michigan, my PIRTEK business is up 45%.  I am now in my 10th year and my business continues to grow each year." 
Eli Dorfman, PIRTEK Madison Heights & Westland
Detroit, MI

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