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Thursday, 3/23/2017

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Date: 4/20/2009
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Muscle Beach® Celebrates 75th Anniversary By Launching Worldwide Fitness Club Chain

Muscle Beach® Celebrates 75th Anniversary By Launching Worldwide Fitness Club Chain

Last year was a very special year, not only for Muscle Beach®, but for the entire fitness industry. That’s because the legendary brand celebrated its 75th anniversary, reaching a milestone that no other fitness club chain has ever achieved. The prestigious brand is now available worldwide, to both existing fitness clubs and up-starts, at

Muscle Beach®, the flagship brand of Multinational Brands®, Inc., is based on the legendary venue that served as the foundational launch point for the multibillion dollar fitness industry. It’s where fitness legends Harold Zinkin, Jack LaLanne, Joe Gold, Steve Reeves, Joe Weider, and many others, got their start. Its legendary reputation is based on a rich history and tradition that has earned it recognition, respect, and prestige.

The brand was founded by Danny Tschirret, a 40 year fitness industry veteran, who along with an MBA, brings to his company years of club ownership experience. He’s also the person credited with breaking down the walls that kept many athletes from incorporating strength training principles into sports such as tennis, skiing, cycling, swimming, and others. In 1969, as an accomplished golfer, he became the first athlete in history to research, experiment with, and introduce strength training into an individually played sport, opening the conditioning door for Tiger Woods and others. Tschirret not only added an incredible amount of distance to his game, but discovered his true passion and eventual livelihood, fitness.

As a company, Muscle Beach® is leading fitness into the future by going back to its past. As a brand, it addresses the three biggest problems facing fitness club owners today. In Tschirret’s opinion, the first is loss of identity, a dilemma directly related to the overabundance of clubs who depend upon the terms fitness and gym. “When an entire industry copycats itself, everyone starts to look and sound the same. Clubs become confusingly similar to one another, which results in brand confusion. And when that happens, their identities become lost, along with any hope of recognition.” Muscle Beach® isn’t confusingly similar to any other brand, which is why it doesn’t suffer from an identity crisis. He goes on to say, “When a brand has a long legacy, deep lineage, and storied history, you don’t have to fight for recognition. It’s already right there, ready to go to work for you.”

The second problem, as Tschirret sees it, is the inability of fitness clubs to adapt to an ever changing marketplace. This leads to the question, what happens when the market for a particular format goes soft or dries up? The answer: usually the franchisor goes belly-up, leaving their franchisees out-of-business.

That’s exactly what happened to Nitro Fitness For Men, and one of the reasons Tschirret founded his company. He cites their recent demise as a perfect example of what can happen when a fitness franchise is based upon just one format and demand for that format goes soft. With no way for the franchisor to adapt, franchisees are forced out-of-business, a problem Tschirret claims his brand will also avoid.

Built around the principle of diversification, Muscle Beach® gives club owners the flexibility to easily adapt to a volatile marketplace. Rather than focusing on just one segment of the market, i.e. a gym, the brand’s unique business model penetrates the market with a wide variety of options that also includes: fitness centers, card key clubs, athletic clubs, personal training studios, women’s clubs, and a host of other formats. According to Tschirret, “We offer a multitude of formats, with the ability to move from one to another based on market conditions and the mood of the general public. This versatility provides a much better chance for long-term success than it ever would with a single-format franchise.” He cites the example of a women’s fitness center, stuck in a soft market. Their solution was easy. They simply converted to a more profitable, in-demand format, such as a card key club or no-frills fitness center. For those in need of instant improvement, Tschirret insists he can help a club become more financially successful. “Just by switching to the one name more associated with fitness than any other, a club’s bottom line is bound to improve.”

Muscle Beach®’s unique business model is based on a dealership, rather than a franchise. In Tschirret’s opinion, “When it comes to certain industries, such as food, the amount of control necessary to keep everything in order requires a franchise. But when it comes to fitness, the overburdening controls of a franchise are simply not necessary. A dealership, with a guideline system, can provide more than enough control to keep everything running smoothly.”  Tschirret goes on to say that a franchise is the most expensive way to start and run a fitness business. “Because a dealership eliminates or greatly reduces many of the traditional fees, it’s unquestionably the least expensive way to break into the business.”

The third problem, Tschirret says, is that when a brand fails to bridge the gap between its origin and the current generation, it loses value. “Our promotional strategy prevents this from ever happening to us. Along with a logo that serves as a constant reminder that we are The Birthplace Of Fitness®, our clubs include a HALL OF FAME.  In the spirit of the Muscle Beach Venice Hall Of Fame, our establishments memorialize the men and women who have been inducted at the Venice, California location; legends such as Joe Gold and Jack LaLanne. It’s our way of enlightening both current and future generations; teaching them about the truth behind the origin of fitness.”

Muscle Beach® is not just another insignificant, fitness club chain. Tschirret boasts, “Over the years we have been bestowed many accolades, which give club owners an almost unfair, competitive advantage.” Among these are: legendary name, historical significance, tradition, status, prestige, reputation, respect, and recognition.

World renowned as The Birthplace Of Fitness®, this protected slogan has become the brand’s most valuable asset. Thus, the company requires its affiliates to display the message on both signage and athletic wear. Tschirret firmly believes, “It’s not only the basis of our brand, but as a company, we represent the origin of an entire industry. That’s something we must continuously promote as a means of educating those who are not currently aware of our legendary status, as well as to enlighten future generations about the truth behind the origin of our industry.”   

Dedicated to and passionate about his brand, Tschirret is pumped about its prospects for growth, which he feels has unlimited potential. “For any club looking to instantly go from ordinary to legendary, we are the answer. We’re certainly time-tested, and I know of no other fitness institution with more proven longevity. Given our popularity and legendary reputation, we’re destined to become the most globally dominant fitness club chain of all time.”

So what does it take to become a Muscle Beach® fitness club? Tschirret says that the conversion process is simple, easy, and very affordable. Applicants simply select from a wide diversity of formats, the one that fits their current mode of operation. “Since we offer every conceivable format, no one is ever turned away simply because their method of operation doesn’t match ours. It doesn’t matter whether they’re a 500 square foot personal training studio or a 50,000 square foot athletic club.” While most franchises dictate a complete makeover, Muscle Beach® doesn’t require that a club be totally remodeled or refitted with new or corporate-colored equipment, a policy that can save them tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The company’s fitness clubs, set in a tasteful environment, are designed with motivation and inspiration in mind. Tschirret goes on to say that unlike some franchises that implement cartoonish décor or foolish themes, “Our clubs are designed with inspiring murals of legendary Muscle Beach® that take our members back in time, back to The Place Where It All Began™, back to Muscle Beach®, The Birthplace Of Fitness®.”

About Muscle Beach®
Muscle Beach®, the flagship brand of Multinational Brands®, Inc., is based on the legendary venue that served as the foundational launch point for the multibillion dollar fitness industry. It’s where fitness legends Harold Zinkin, Jack LaLanne, Joe Gold, Steve Reeves, Joe Weider, and many others, got their start. Its long legacy, deep lineage, storied history, and legendary reputation, have earned it unprecedented recognition, respect, and prestige. The brand was founded by Daniel Tschirret, BSBA, MBA, a 40 year fitness industry veteran, who is currently building it into the most globally dominant fitness club chain of all time.