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Wednesday, 3/29/2017

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Kid to Kid Clothing Store Franchise For Sale. Childrens Resale and Gently Used Kids Clothing Store Franchises. Make The Smart Choice, Open A Kids Clothing Store Franchise. With over 100 locations, Kid to Kid has been growing for over 20 years into the force that it is today.
Lee’s Hoagie House Franchise. An Authentic Philadelphia Hoagie & Cheese Steak Franchise. Don't Just Own A Franchise, Own A Philadelphia Tradition. Decorating Den Interiors Franchise. Interior Decorating & Residential Design Franchise. Join A Leader In The Home Decorating Industry. Russo's New York Pizza Franchise For Sale. Serving Authentic New York Style Pizza and Simple Italian Dishes. New York Pizzeria has experienced steady growth since the first restaurant in 1992. We invite you to find out how we set ourselves apart from other pizza franchise concepts.

Date: 3/27/2015
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Roll the dice (Featured)
Make your own dice cleaning game and roll to find out what your task is. Include parents too! You can even have rewards that you get to roll for too! It’s a good way to distribute tasks by chance so everyone feels their task is picked fairly. Plus, everyone loves to see what the dice will say!

Race the clock
There are two ways to race the clock in a messy room. Set a timer and see who can pick up the most items, or designate a space and see who can clean it up the fastest. This speed cleaning technique becomes a race more than it becomes cleaning. It works best for picking up toys – you don’t want to break a dish speed cleaning the kitchen! It’s a good idea to make sure that toys have enough places to go. Bins that can rotate between rooms help with cleanup.

Shoot hoops to score
Stuffed animals and other soft toys are great to play with this cleanup game! See how many you can score by tossing into a bin or basket. This can work with dirty clothes and a hamper or washing machine too! See who can score the most baskets.

Find the colors
Have your kids find a color of toy, clothing item, or trash to put away. Once you get through all the colors of the rainbow, everything will be clean! This works best for kids who get distracted by toys while cleaning and can keep them focused on a specific task.

Count the items
Counting is a great game for younger kids. Ask them to find a certain number of items as their chore. Having your kids pick up 10 items each day can help stay on top of messy rooms and playrooms. Rewards are a great incentive for a recurring game, like a small treat or an allowance.

Sweep into the goal
Set up a small goalpost with two bottles or with tape on your hard surface floors. Have your kids sweep all the items into the goal post. It teaches dexterity using a broom and makes it easy to get all the dust into the dustpan to throw away. Teach those dust-bunnies a lesson!

Take a dance break
Finally, take a quick dance break between games! You’ve earned it.

Cleaning Tips:

  • Put aside clean outgrown items to sell to Kid to Kid.
  • Focus on one room or one area at a time to not get distracted.
  • Take a short break if you get distracted so you can refocus easier.
  • Make sure every toy and item has a place to be put away.
  • Get the whole house involved in cleaning and it will go faster and be more fun.
  • Choose age-appropriate cleaning tasks for each child.
  • Set up a consistent chore or cleaning plan to stay on top of messes.
  • Reward your kids for participating in picking up their toys and trash.
  • Get kids’ involved in cooking and grocery shopping too!
  • Keep harsh chemicals away from young children or try natural cleaners instead.