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Wednesday, 3/22/2017

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Date: 5/15/2013
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Auto Repair Franchise Honest-1 Auto Care Up And Running In Flemington, NJ | Auto Repair Franchise Honest-1 Auto Care Up And Running In Flemington, NJ. Auto repair shop in Flemington touts service and quality.

Barry Lasher, 39, worked in information technology before his transition to a career as an auto mechanic and shop owner. With a degree from New York Institute of Technology, Lasher worked for various companies in their information technology departments following graduation. He resides in Princeton Junction in Mercer County and is the married father of three young sons.

About two years ago, Lasher first discovered Honest-1 Auto Care when researching franchise opportunities. He said he liked the brand’s focus on family experience and eco-friendly practices, as well as the idea of owning his own business. He was becoming disenchanted with the cubicle life and was looking for a career change. To ramp up his education, Lasher learned about cars on the weekends from his brother-in-law, whom is a mechanic in South Jersey. Last October, Lasher made the decision to open Honest-1 Auto Care located at 464 Route 202 North in Flemington.

“I always worked in big corporations, where you do more meetings, but less work. As much I enjoyed working in team environment, I was not comfortable with corporate politics,” Lasher said. “I loved what I did for so many years, but then something changed. I developed more interest in dealing with people in the community and their issues – finding a great place to fix cars. My brother-in-law inspired me to do right things for everyone. I spent a few months at his shop and fell in love with car repair business as a whole.”

Lasher said Honest-1 Auto Care in Flemington works on all car makes and models. “This is a total car care facility, so we do as small of a job as changing your car’s head light bulb to as big as changing the engine, transmission and everything in between,” Lasher said. “If you need new tires, we do that for you. If you bring your own tires, we will love to mount and balance them for you. We will go extra miles to help our customers.” Customer service is also a high priority, he said. “We respect our customers’ time, hence we provide computers with internet connection so they can be productive and complete any work in our comfortable lobby. If they feel more secure on their laptop or any other devices, we do offer Wi-Fi,” he added. If children are in tow, there is a kid’s play area where youngsters can play PS3, write on a chalk board, or relax with mom or dad in a leather lounge chair.

Lasher said he’s a “hands-on owner” and is on the front lines on the business.

“I will be helping out my customers with all their car needs, and will take pride in ensuring everyone, especially my customers, has a great experience. Customers will also like to know their cars will be serviced by my talented and ASE certified (Automotive Service Excellence) technicians,” he said.

Written by
By Erica Lamberg
For the Courier News

At a glance –
Honest-1 Auto Care
464 Route 202 North, Flemington,

SIDEBAR - Spring Car Maintenance Tips
1. Have your car serviced on a routine basis and you will save a bundle of time and money. All car manufacturers have a schedule of recommended service for each vehicle they sell. Follow this schedule. Be sure to follow your schedule for fluid flushes.

2. Check the level and color of all fluids at every gas refill. If you don't know how to check your fluids or know what color your fluid should be then ask your reputable technician to teach you. Any reputable automotive shop will be happy to teach you for free. Nothing lasts forever. Your vehicle's oils and fluids do break down and require replacement in order to properly lubricate. This can save you thousands of dollars in repairs to your vehicle and keep it operating safely.

3. Change your oil and oil filter regularly to protect your engine and improve your gas mileage. Dirty oil or incorrect grades can increase engine friction, thereby reducing fuel efficiency. (Consider using synthetic oil which provide better protection and last longer than regular oil). Honest-1 Auto Care offers their Eco 360 oil and fuel treatments. Eco 360 protects your engines internal components from damage, which prevents costly repairs, and reduces friction, which computes to improved gas mileage and engine performance.

4. Change the air filter to protect the engine by keeping impurities from entering the engine and improve your gas mileage. When your engines air filter becomes clogged it starves the engine for air. The onboard computers adjust for this by increasing the amount of fuel to maintain consistent firing in the cylinders. This can cause up to 10% in decreased fuel efficiency.

5. Monitor your brake pad thickness and do not let them damage the metal parts such as brake rotors and calipers. This will not only result in more dollars spent on repairs, but could result in unsafe driving conditions for you and your family.

6. Wash your car regularly so that it will not damage the body or undercarriage of your car. Pollutants in the air, bugs, tar, salt in air/road, dirt, sludge, and more all damage your car.

7. Make sure that you keep your car aligned because it will increase the life of the tire and increase your safety due to improve handling and improve gas mileage.

8. Keep your tires properly inflated. Having low tire pressure causes more drag between your tires and the road, thereby making your engine work even harder. Improper tire pressure can reduce the lifespan of your tires and gas mileage by up to 30% or more. Another option is to have your tires filled with Nitrogen which is a more stable gas. Some of the benefits of Nitrogen in tires are less fluctuation in tire pressure; reduced tire pressure leak down under increased temperatures, and longer lasting tire life.

9. Rotate your tires at every other oil change (every 6,000 miles). Rotating your tires equalizes tread wear and maximizes the life of your tires.

10. Start off slowly after you initially start your vehicle. Which means to slowly accelerate until your vehicle is up to operating temperature. Accelerating slowly saves gas and it reduces the stress on your engine since your oil is cold and thicker when cold.

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